My Art Teacher

A reminiscent journey from the classroom of Mrs. Strack:
A couple of weeks ago, I was handed a list of classrooms that needed painted over the summer. On that list was a single wall in the art room. It was not the first room to be done, so I put it out of my mind. The next week, my dad and I strolled in to discuss the paint job.  To say the least, I was unprepared for the events that followed.
We went over the job, and that was great, but memories started to arise. I pushed them away.  There was work to be done, no time for daydreaming.  It became increasingly difficult to focus on the work the longer we were in there. The memories were increasing in vigor. NO!  I have to work, must do the job I’m here to do. But this room had me surrounded by art, and art tools, and an artistic environment. It was very hard to focus. I’ve always loved art, and wasn’t horrible at it either. While I didn’t posses the skills to do it professionally, I was well beyond stick figures, and have found enjoyment in seeing others works. Continue reading