The Crown Molding FAIL!

DIY Adventures in Crown Molding: The Fury Within:
Day 1: “Hey man, do you want to go get that trim today”?
“I can’t. Let’s go Thursday”.
Day Thursday: “Crap, I can’t go today, let’s go tomorrow”
Day Tomorrow: Lowes, Lunch, and Unload the supplies (Too late to start cutting any)
Day 7ish: Weekend
Day 9: Let’s hang some crown molding!! Okay, some of the backers are up, Let’s do our first 45 degree angle. *cuts 2 pieces to start test fitting. They don’t fit…not even close. But…This is a 90 degree corner. 45+45 is 90 right? *little sparks are firing from waaaay back in the day. Oh yeaaaaaah, it’s not 45, because you are doing 45 up and down and 45 angle…on each piece! Okay, back to the drawing board.
33.1 degrees…

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