The First 40 pt 1

The first 40 years: Part 1. Youth.

NICHOLAS DANIEL!!!!!! GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE!!! I heard that a lot growing up. I was given an extra dose of onery, in my particular batch of soul. I read Jack London, White Fang, this summer. It is a story of wolf families and one youngster causes annoyances and trouble in all that he does. There is no rhyme or reason. He just does random things that don’t have a goal, and no chance at a positive outcome. It’s just his nature. I don’t know why I thought of that story…

My favorite, or perhaps least favorite question was “what were you thinking when you…”. This phrase often ended in gibberish like …”when you cut a chunk out of your hair” or “when you put that boys finger in the stapler and hit it?” Or, “when you pee’d on that boy at school”? There are literally hundreds of these, but I doubt they would paint a very good picture. I can tell you this. When you ask a little boy what he was thinking when he did something, and the boy sheepishly replies “I don’t know”, you’re best bet is to believe those words. They are probably the absolute truth. (To be continued)…

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