The First 40: Family

The First 40: The Family: The Ride

For those out there with limited or no family, I urge you to adopt yourself into the craziest batch of folks you can find. I’m certain that’s what happened to me.

Some parts of my family are textbook for my era. When I disrespected my elders, I got my butt whooped. I went to church. I rode down the interstate laying up in the back window making faces at the cars behind us! So fun! I urge all kindergarten kids to lay up in the back window a least once!

My sister and I would argue about what to watch on tv and all sorts of things. We would fight like any other siblings, pushing, scratching, punching at times, but we were okay. We had the imaginary line in the car that we weren’t supposed to cross, so the world kept spinning. That poor girl was the lowly, boring straight A student, and I was a bundle of AWESOME SAUCE!! Don’t ask my parents or sister about the validity of that statement. It’s the truth. My sister was there for a lot of key moments in my life. I often think back on our time together. A long walk on the Sherman blacktop, figuring out life, a defining moment at a Ciy conference, where my world changed directions. I will never forget our time at LCC, and the thousands of memories we made. There were tears, trials, and spurts when we weren’t close at all, but I cant imagine the path I would be on today, without my sisters love and support.

My parents are awesome. Dad was out working, providing, mom was handling the home. I’d get to hang out with dad, and work on our playhouse and paint things. One year, I found out my dad was Superman. I had a project do for science class, and that guy took an old bike tube, a small motor, an old light fixture and some batteries. We / he, made it into a fully functional working mobile conveyor belt. I don’t remember what the teacher said, or what grade I got. I only know that my dad is either Superman, or related to him in some way. He continued to amaze me and the whole town and world with his creative genius over the decades to follow. Mom has the gift of hospitality. She has been enhancing people’s lives through care and compassion for decades! She took kids in and fed them, but more importantly, gave them love. For some, it was the only motherly love they could receive, and she gave it freely, and abundantly, and still does. My parents have made thousands of sacrifices to make sure the kids could have opportunities to grow, and I’d probably be in prison or something if didn’t care for us. Sometimes it was tough love, but it works if it’s real love.

I can’t wait to tell you all about the extended family. We need to get to some of the goofballs too…my people.

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