Confessions of the not-perfect Christian: The Pizza Prayer

I grabbed a couple slices of pizza at Caseys, and often pray for my meals more lately, but things didn’t go well tonight…

“Father”….. (silence. ..gathering thoughts)
Thoughts: (I wonder how I should pray for this meal. Is there even any actual edible food content in it?
Why ask Him to bless it? That would be a miracle, and Hes capable, but should he be expected to perform a miracle every time I want to consume a glorious slice of non-partialy deep fried anti-hydrogenated, pizza bean oil? ………
Well, this probably isn’t any of that, but what it is going to be is…cold, if I don’t get this praying part done. But wait, am I praying now? Well, yes. I began by addressing Father, then started thinking about pizza… but Im talking to myself in my head….and praying….does that mean I think Im God? NOOOOOO! That’s one of the 10 commandments! “Thou shall have no other gods before Me, and something about false idols”…sorry Father. It wasn’t real, I got lost.
Wait, this is still not out loud, so its not part of my real pizza prayer.
Dude!! Just say your prayer and eat dinner, the world was created in less time than you are taking on this….)

“Father, I love pizza. But I love you more than pizza. Please miracleize this into some form of nutrition for me. Thanks!! Amen”

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