Kara the Carno

A Fanfic Inspired by Ark: Survival Evolved:

Note: If you don’t know; Ark is a highly popular computer game which recently made it’s debut on Xbox as well. As of this writting, it’s still in beta, but has millions of paying players.

The Misadventures of Kara the Carnosaur:

It was a gorgeous day to be outside, but Kara was too wrapped up in her thoughts to enjoy it. As she strolled through the grassy hills, she swatted a plant in frustration and watched a couple of berries fall to the ground. In a snide voice, she mumbled the words of her mother “Kara, don’t you run off now”! “Kara, you stay close to the den now, you hear me?” Well, Kara was not close to the den now. Not close at all.

You see, Kara had what her father called “The bug”. Of course it wasn’t a real bug, but a bug it was. That is for certain. He described it as a tingle under the skin, and it would get stronger until you got to do something exciting. And for Kara, it was an adventure bug! But she wasn’t allowed to go very far. She was a much brighter color than most other Carnos. A soft creamy orange, everyone said how pretty she was, but ohh, how she hated it. Kara wanted to go out and explore! But her mother always told her she was too bright to be out there, and she’d be eaten by a Rex within minutes! But as she swatted another bush, she thought,”Ain’t no Rex gonna eat me!” “I’d smash a Rex to pieces if he messes with me!” Immediately followed by “I’m bigger now, I will show them all. I’m just going to look over those hills, that’s not too far”.

She looked into the distance at the snowy blue tower. Her brother always told her that aliens put those there, as a way to communicate across worlds, and transfer things, and even dinosaurs! “Ha”! She laughed at the thought. Her brother was dumb.

She could never go THAT far, but…those hills…”I bet if I could get over those hills, maybe I could see more of that glowing blue mountain! And with that, Kara had a new pep in her step. Once more her mother’s voice spoke up, “Kara! Don’t you go running off!” She pushed the voice away, and pointed her feet North, and trotted off whispering “not too far mamma. I won’t go too far.” But Kara would go too far. Much too far…

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